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Services News More


Posted by KEB International Group - KIG on December 29, 2020 at 10:25 AM" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"> CLICK LINK TO DOWNLOAD PDF

 (DEC 2020…;)

1. 2 Square Miles in Kapeka for Sale, Luwero at UGX 5 Million (U$ 1351) per Acre, no squatters.

2. 750 Acres in Buwekula, Kiganda Mubende at UGX 4.5million (U$ 1216) per Acre, no squatters.

3. 250 Acres (with tree pines of 18 years) in Kiboga at UGX 15 Million (U$ 4054) per Acre, no squatters.

4. 1 Square Mile in Galilaya, Kayunga at UGX 4.5 Million (U$ 1216) per Acre, no squatters.

5. 4 Square Miles in Kyerima , Kayunga at UGX 5.5 million (U$ 1486) per Acre, no squatters.

6. 800 Acres in Lukaya, Masaka road at UGX 4.5million (U$ 1216) per Acre, no squatters.

7. 6 Square Miles in Kyotela District each at UGX 3 Million (U$ 811) per Acre, no squatters.

8. 1.2 Square Miles connects to Lake Victoria in Kyotela District , Free Hold at UGX 3 Million (U$ 811) per Acre, no squatters.

9. 2.1 Square Miles in Lukaya, Masaka road at UGX 1.5 Million (U$ 406) per Acre, WITH squatters.

10. 640 Acres in Kasanda, Mityana at UGX 7.5 Million (U$ 2027) per Acre, no squatters.

11. 2 Square Miles and 80 Acres for Sale in Kiganda- Mityana near Mubende at UGX 5.5 Million (U$ 1486) per Acre, no squatters.

12. 70 Decimals in Kawempe, Bombo rd next to a Bank at UGX1.9 Billion (U$ 513,513) (Private Mile Land) no squatters

13. 20 Decimals in Kawempe near a Bank at UGX 110 Million (U$29730) no squatters

14. 1 Acre in Bweyogere at UGX 610 Million (U$164,869) no squatters

15. 1 Acre in Kira at UGX 810 Million (U$ 218,919) no squatters

16. 3 Acres in Kira at UGX 760 Million (U$ 205,405) no squatters

17. 1 Acre in Namugongo at UGX 810 Million (U$ 218,919) no squatters

18. 60 Acres in Lwamata, Kiboga each at UGX 6 Million (U$1622) no squatters

19. 4 Square Miles in Kasanda, Mityana including 700 Acres of maize, 300 Bulls at UGX 8 Million (U$ 2162) no squatters

20. 151 Acres in Kayabwe on Masaka road at UGX 5.5 Million (U$ 1486) per Acre

21. 80 Acres of Pine Tree in Nakaseke Luwero UGX 7 Million Per Acre (U$ 1892) no squatters

22. 100 Acres in Kiganda(2 Acres with Kalitunsi) in Mubende at 5.5 Million (U$ 1486) no squatters

23. 6.5 acres in Bubango Mende at UGX 110 Million (U$29730) no squatters

24. 3 Acres in Nkowe , Mende at UGX 50 Million (U$13514) no squatters

25. 6 Acres in Mende at UGX 50 Million (U$13514) no squatters

26. 1 Acre in Nkowe, Mende at UGX 90 Million (U$ 24325) no squatters

27. 70 Acres in Kapeka, Luwero at UGX 6.5 Million (U$ 1757) no squatters

28. 5.5 Acres in Kikubampanga at UGX 135 Million (U$ 36487) no squatters

29. 15 Acres in Kakiri UGX 56 Million per acre (U$ 15136) no squatters

30. 3 Acres in Gayaza, Nkowe at UGX 130 Million (U$ 35135) no squatters

31. 15 Acres in Kakiri (Kiboga/Hoima rd) at 56 Million per acre. (U$ 15136) no squatters

32. 8 Acres in Gobelo, Kakiri at UGX 46 Million (U$ 12433) no squatters

33. 13 Acres in Busunju UGX21 Million per acre (U$ 5676) no squatters

34. 5 Acres in Namagoma at 13 Million, no Title. (U$ 3514) no squatters

35. 169 acres in Kikyusa, Luwero at UGX 1.5m (U$406) with squatters

KEB International Group – KIG (LTD) is registered in Uganda with Reg No 80020001988012 and Postal Address is P O BOX 35827 Kampala Uganda. We're located on Namasuba Hill off Entebbe Highway.

At KEB, we are committed to protecting and preserving the privacy of our clients. KEB International Group also takes caution to ensure properties of 3rd parties we market are risk free to protect our clients from fraud, when you visit our office for Real Estate inspection, come with a fee of $15 and a receipt will be given to you and ensure you have ample fuel to take you around. For appointments call +256702137566/ +256773137566 for more information and viewing more properties visit Email: [email protected]


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